What Happens when You Fail

I'd like to thank the few intrepid souls that joined me in the T-Shirt challenge. I won't speak for any of them, but the experience was enlightening. Okay, in truth it was daunting, frustrating, challenging, and just about broke my spirit. I decided to skip the tried and true methods of t-shirt creation that I am use to using, and went down a path of exploration. Exploration and a tight deadline are always a dangerous combination, but I survived it. I learned a lot about some products and processes I've never worked with before, but I learned even more about what happens when an experiment goes wrong, terribly wrong. We've all been there... you've got an idea in your head but, no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get the outcome you were hoping for. I had told my wife that this was just going to be an "experiment". Thank goodness she kept reminding me of that fact. It kept me from imploding every time something went astray, which happened often. Notes to self for the future. Don't trust what a product says it will do.
They apparently never really expect us to read that stuff. Nothing I used worked as described on the packaging! When in doubt, ask an expert. Every time I hit a wall, I could find someone that could tell me how I had gone horribly wrong. If only I had found them prior... Test everything first. Commit after you know what it's going to do. Keep laughing. There is no such thing as failure when you are exploring and experimenting, it's just an unexpected outcome. While we're at it. Here's a few brave souls and their experiments. Aaron Woodard, Filip Zywica, Aaron Wolf, Belinda Morris, Brian McElligott, Felicia Cano, Kaisa Tuulenkari, Luis Reyes and Seomox from coloring picture pages graphycs. Want to see more about their process, and a few folks showing off some of the shirts they made outside the challenge? Swing on over to the discussion. Just because the challenge is over it doesn't mean the experimenting and fun have to be over. Keep sharing your successes and "failures" so that we can all continue to learn.

Magical Solstice

Early this December morning, we were blessed with a crisp night sky here on the East coast of Florida. The dimensions of stars as we gazed deep into the Universe were simply breath taking. With the smell of fresh ocean air and the complete silence that filled the campground my husband and I just stood there and took in all in. We felt peace, calmness, stillness, and joy. We had a strong sensation come over us that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. At one with the Universe. At 1:33am EST the magic of the solstice began! For an entire seventy two minutes we were able to watch the winter solstice full lunar eclipse unfold before our eyes. It was spectacular! 
Knowing that this exact rare occurrence will not happen until, at least, December 21, 2094 (and the previous one occurred 372 years ago) made it that much more magical to witness. If you were unable to watch the solstice or you were able to and you just want to replay it's beauty, feel free to watch the video below (courtesy of aolnews.com). What an amazing holiday gift from the Universe! Were you able to see this fabulous occurrence? For our readers that are into meditation, below is a video that you may enjoy. It goes into great detail and depth about the winter solstice lunar eclipse. The author explains what this occurrence means and how it affects us as humans. Relax and enjoy!

Free Car Insurance Information

Right here you can study the secrets of the field of car insurance information instantly! A practice which took our group of professionals days and days to improve is all handed to the reader in the textual corpus hereunder. While everyone that drives an automobile in this country is supposed to own at least some variety of online motor vehicle insurance by law, many people do not get to know the essentials of their policy plans. While we do not all have to be on line motor vehicle coverage experts it's essential to understand the main building-blocks that mold our automobile assurance on-line policy plans. There are five aspects of a conventional on line vehicle coverage policy, the titles of these pieces possibly will differ slightly from one insurer to another, but still all of them deal with fundamentally similar details. 1. Assertions - This segment of your automobiles ins policy plan is private to you, it encloses the personal specifics of car drivers within your household such as the individual's name as well as residential address, year and brand of your automobile, vehicle identification number, policy plan number and then policy period. It moreover encloses the fundamental sort of cover you procured and finally your policy constraints as well as deductibles. Tip: Make certain your facts are exact, your claim possibly could be denied if in case you provide incorrect information to your insurance coverage provider. 2. Cover Parts / Insuring Pact - This segment encapsulates the cover options and also insurance coverage perimeters that you bought, such as liability, medical, mishap and also complete. This component basically charts out what your insurance association pledges to shell out in exchange for your payment, based on the insurance coverages as well as insurance coverage limitations you selected. 3. Eliminations - This segment simply stipulates everything that is not included by laying emphasis on your car insurance policy's shortcomings. Combined with the segment mentioned earlier, this makes certain that you are aware of just what would be included at the time you put together put up a claim. It also presents some possible shortcomings that you may perhaps wish to fix in the end. 4. Clauses - This is where the legal responsibilities of both the protected and the insurance coverage provider are enlisted, consisting of premium disbursement duties, measures to documenting a claim, and also measures for settling disputes. 5 - Definitions. This section characterizes provisions and outlines the rights of the policy holder and of the insurance company. This element is regularly termed as the small print.
Now, let's outline some regular coverage. Collision Cover - This incorporates destruction to your private automobile caused because of its smash-up with a different automobile or object. If you cause a smash up, collision insurance coverage would recompense in order to mend your automobile, and is typically the most expensive component of an cars insurances online policy. You are required to pick a deductible, that is the sum of money you, the covered, are supposed to give out before the insurance coverage organization reimburses the remainder of every covered harm. The higher the deductible, the lesser the insurance-premium fees, nevertheless, keep in mind that this is the sum total of money you are required to provide, normally to the vehicle repair shop in case your vehicle is harmed, that's why choosing your deductible, that precisely has an impact on your premium, may possibly be something of a tricky situation; Comprehensive Coverage - This takes into account loss to your automobile because of an event other than a smash-up or flip-over. Instances consist of flames, robbery, vandalism, and also collapsing objects. This also comes along with a deductible you select, which is how much you will reimburse prior to when the car insurence corporation compensates the balance amount; Liability - In an unlikely event when you are in error during an accident, liability insurance coverage will compensate in order to deal with bruises and also land destruction overheads brought about other persons other individuals in the mishap, inclusive of your lawful argument expenditures, if applicable. Physical injury insurance coverage pays costs in favor of things such as health care costs and suspended salary to other people, whereas asset harm pays in favor of restoration of other individuals assets you harmed during the crash, excluding your personal vehicle. Liability coverage, which happens to be the province ordered section of your policy is the basic building-block of any internet cars insurance policy, and furthermore least liability parameters change from state to state. Bear in mind to keep yourself sufficiently insured, while having the minimums called for by every state possibly will keep you in observance with territory commandments, they may perhaps not be enough to safeguard your resources in case you've a terrible occurrence. Insurance coverage experts like rent a car bucuresti recommend that you evaluate your online cars insure policy oftentimes and also methodically. As you read these final words, after you understand the basic facts of the situation of car insurence information, you may well care to think about the issue of car insurence information more methodically.