Akihabara also known as Electric City in Japan, is a major shopping area for electronics, computer goods, anime and otaku (Otaku is what the Japanese refer to those with obsessive interests in the manga/anime culture).  And I'm not talking here a mere hobby. I'm talking living in fantasy land with blown up life size manga characters where the individual has completely withdrawn from reality. If you want to observe their lives even more, look no further than the Maid Cafe phenomenon, where a typical manga style maid will serve tea and desserts. Although mostly frequented by men or so I saw, 3 of the girls in our group including myself and 3 guys decided to brave the awkwardness of this experience and see it for ourselves.

And so we went down an alley and up a sketchy elevator to a completely different land, where we were welcomed with a flattering "welcome home master / princess!". No picture allowed of the girls or the interior except of the food. And so the experience began with awkward English conversations about sprinkling magic on our desserts for more deliciousness and some "twinkle-twinkle" little dance. Some men even paid an extra fee so that the maid would play a little board game with them. As strange as all of these services may seem there is absolutely no sexual tone in this experience. I guess the maid cafe has replaced in the modern subculture the role of a geisha as both are really just entertainer, entertaining the likes of men!