A Man’s Judgment

One thing that feminism has done is convince men that women are impervious to men’s opinions of them, especially “beta” men. Actually, I’m realizing more and more that this is not true. I started thinking about this after a post by Professor Ashur at The University of Man called “Women Care What You Think of Them”, in which he observed that most women care deeply about how males (even beta males) regard them, and that the exercise of male judgment is an unseen and very powerful social tool that beta males have allowed to atrophy, out of a misplaced sense of chivalry. Just as mankind has always sought approval from its gods, women seek the approval of men. And Dalrock commented: This point is often overlooked in the manosphere. Women care very much what ordinary respected men think of them. Even slight judgement from fairly ordinary men burns them in a way that I don’t think we men can truly understand. There is great power here if we aren’t tricked into abdicating it. I realized that this is quite accurate; men don’t realize how much their judgment means to women, and a woman cares very much what men think of her. Women don’t believe other women because we are notorious for telling each other “little white lies” or just not saying what we really think because we are trying not to hurt the other woman’s feelings. Sometimes the bad advice is motivated by jealousy. But a woman notices and takes to heart what a man says to her, whatever response may be. Disapproval from a man is extremely unpleasant for most women.

Slut-shaming has been recommended as a way to influence women to return to traditional Biblical morality.  If slut-shaming were to work, it would have to be carried out by men; women will never, ever do this, and even if they did, their opinions will not carry weight without a man’s judgement to back it up. However, a man must be careful in how he applies this judgment. Our culture no longer accepts moral judgment from men toward women, and, especially in the workplace, the man who dares to attempt it must be very careful to consider how his words could be used against him in a potential harassment complaint.  It takes creativity, discernment, and bravery for a man to pass moral judgment on female behavior. It has been my experience that if a woman feels that the man entirely condemns who she is or even hates her, she will not feel any incentive to work for his approval. However if she feels that he cares about her well-being, she will want to correct any behavior about which he expresses disapproval.  This man need not have even a particularly intimate relationship with the woman in question. I think there is more power here than men realize. There is a reason why the meme “Who are you to judge me?” Feminists, including those within the Church, don’t just demand the right to do what they want to do; they also demand that they not be subjected to any negative judgement, no matter how destructive their actions are. When men cannot pass judgment on female behavior, this is the final result. But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.