Summer City Facts

Last summer! Once again every summer, we all dream about escaping the big city we're trapped in, enjoy more of the real life, less of the obnoxious polluted air. Last summer I was tired of dreaming so I finally took action (I must shamefully admit, that's a first)! I had always dreamed about going on this amazing trip, getting to know nice people, enjoying real meals, good wines, not to mention some mind blowing landscapes, most of them born in my imagination back when I was reading Sci-Fi literature and looking at corny movies. My only problem is I never had some specific dream city in mind! I mean there's great wine in Paris, delicious pasta in Rome, fun people to hang out with in London. How is it even possible to pick only one city when looking for the adventure of your life! Unfortunately, when you don't want to spend all of the last years savings on one short vacation you have to hurry making that decision.

You'll most probably know by March if in July you will be enjoying an Ice coffee on the beach or you will be riding the same bus to work, thinking about your plans for next summer. It was March 14th when I've decided. After patiently checking out all the traditional travelling websites, I somehow wasn't satisfied. I needed to learn more than the usual stuff about the city I had been dreaming to make my escape in all of my life. I mean, we all know where we can find Big Ben and the Eiffel tour, no surprise there. Nevertheless, there are some interesting cities facts that will make your decision a lot easier. Without hesitating, I chose Barcelona, Spain. I won't tell you what interesting facts made me chose this city. All I can say is that this was the right decision. I had the time of my life! A summer dream all right. Anyway, the funny thing about one’s summer dream is that it has nothing to do with the "once in a lifetime" philosophy. You can live your summer dream as many times you wish. Just make sure you find the most interesting city.

Running on Empty

Have you ever run out of ideas? I do all the time. I think part of it has to do with the fact that my brain has to stay engaged so much of the time that when I finally stop being task oriented, and try to shift over to the creative mode, my brain decides it's nap time. This time of the year I seem to be even more busy than usual, and it gets even harder to come up with ideas. So I'm putting a call out... got any questions that I can try and answer here? While my brain is taking a siesta, let me take a few moments to point you towards a calendar that was pulled together by folks over at Not Your Father's Pin-up blog. About a week ago they released a pin-up calendar to raise funds for the Pink Ribbon International organization on the Not-Your-Father's Pin-up blog. About 25 artists contributed to this calendar, and all the profits will go to the Pink Ribbon organization to help raise awareness for breast cancer and help fund research.