Running on Empty

Have you ever run out of ideas? I do all the time. I think part of it has to do with the fact that my brain has to stay engaged so much of the time that when I finally stop being task oriented, and try to shift over to the creative mode, my brain decides it's nap time. This time of the year I seem to be even more busy than usual, and it gets even harder to come up with ideas. So I'm putting a call out... got any questions that I can try and answer here? While my brain is taking a siesta, let me take a few moments to point you towards a calendar that was pulled together by folks over at Not Your Father's Pin-up blog. About a week ago they released a pin-up calendar to raise funds for the Pink Ribbon International organization on the Not-Your-Father's Pin-up blog. About 25 artists contributed to this calendar, and all the profits will go to the Pink Ribbon organization to help raise awareness for breast cancer and help fund research.