Writer's Block

Writer’s block is a devious torture that attacks an author and grips his mind with nothingness. I’ve been fortunate, knock on wood, for this malady to pass me by, until now, that is. Believe me, I have the utmost sympathy for those suffering from this torture. I don’t mean to infer my writing transferred from brain to fingers to computer in the blink of an eye, far from it, but I had not experienced sitting in front of a computer screen for very long without some words trickling out. I’m sure there are numerous reasons for a block. In my case, the recent death of a loved one triggered this response. At the time I thought writing would aid in the healing process. Wrong! Up stepped a wall of nothingness. Maybe I shouldn’t say nothingness because I could get a page out here and there, but I’d almost have a panic attack in the process. I finally gave up. It’s been a month now and the well of words is no longer dry. I had a dream that showed a huge cornucopia filled with letters written on small pieces of cardboard. The letters tumbled out forming words. That was my signal, my writing process was on its way back. Perhaps not as fast as before, but fast enough. Have you had a block to break through? I’d love to hear responses from other writers about this hindrance to the Great American Novel. Good writing, 

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