Wire Detector Circuit

Electronics represent such a vast and complex domain and the possibilities are so unlimited. You can find thousands of useful projects that will help you grow professionally as an engineer and not only. On the web, you can discover projects about wire detectors, broken wire detectors, wire detector circuits. Portable loads such as electrical irons, hand drillers, halogen flood lights, video camera are powered by connecting long 2 or 3-core cables to the mains plug. The power cord wires are subjected to mechanical strain and stress, due to the prolonged usage, which can lead to internal snapping of wires at any point. Solutions to that problem represent the beauty of electronics. Electroschematics.com invites you to discover our projects and articles for beginners and professionals. Our skill and ideas we’ll guide through electronic projects and will explain every step in details so you’ll have no difficulty in understanding.

Electronic flower

One of interesting projects is the electrical live wire detector. You can see a detailed design for live wire detector. We are talking about a circuit that can detect electrical wires connected to the mains (meaning live wires). It presents a LED for visual signalization and also a buzzer for audio. Placing the detector  closer to the electrical wire the LED will flash at a higher frequency. We guide you step by step through  the schematic of the wire detector circuit here where you can find more detailed informations about electrical wire detector circuits and more http://www.electroschematics.com/8804/electrical-wire-detector/. This is a quite a simple schematic, the first stage has the antenna in base of T1m, the capacitor C1 is used to filter parasite high frequency signal which are captured by the antenna. We also guide to set the detector circuit to a maximum sensitivity. Talking about wire detector specifications and what it does: detects the live wire, optical indication, adjustable sensitivity, 9V battery power supply.