Think of us as People

Chicago dyke, one of my favorite writers at corrente and a regular in many of my favorite comment mosh pits, is tired of being pigeonholed into a stereotypical voting demographic: The question I have for you: is there a “White American vote?” I’m pretty sure that if you were to describe your family, it would be in a way very similar to what I’ve just done. So should I speak of Hillary’s lock on the “White American vote” because she’s White and speaks to You People? Or Obama’s challenge reaching out to that same group? If so, why, and how? I’m just getting a little tired of people treating me and my family as if we must be all the same, because most of us have curly hair and browned eyes and skin. If it’s true that the African-American vote is the most important bloc for Democrats and we mostly vote that way at the Presidential level, it most certainly is not because we all think alike, but because that is the option foisted upon us by a majority which ignores many of our values as it constructs the political spectrum. But if we were given “more” choices, like a Halfrican and a Woman who Stood By Her Man, as well as a Hippie and a Just White Constitutionalist? Imagine that: some of us will make different choices!