Writing is a Socially Form of Schizophrenia

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia" - E.L. Doctorow. Yes, it's been awhile since I've blogged - again. And what's up with all the spam comments all of a sudden? It's like they actually think I want to visit a website on credit card. Glad everyone enjoyed the convention report. Hope you got a tiny bit of the pleasure from reading it as I got from being there! Anyway, not a great deal has been happening, although that's kind of relative, really. Another monthly trip to hospital ended up in the same bed in the same room as last time and the woman across from my bed was still there. Talk about deja vu. A to-do list that grows by three items every time I cross one off, it spans 2 A4 pages now, several shrink visits. I really let him have it on tuesday- he looked like he needed to wake up anyway, felt a bit lighter afterwards at least. Getting addicted to Bulla Crunch ice creams. Yeah, in winter, go figure! A few nightmares, back to the plane crashes again. Some anxiety. 


Working on it, trying not to have to take extra medication 'cos I hate having to do that, and thank you Wendy for the good healing vibes, I'm sure it helped last night. A shopping spree at The Book Hog. I bought "The Mammoth Book Of Erotica", "Miracles Of Archangel Michael", and "If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him - The Pilgrimage Of Psychotherapy Patients". Neck pain. Does it ever end the anxiety/tension makes it worse I think. Writing fiction. Getting frustrated with said fiction. Putting said fiction away and starting another. Downloading HDTV episodes of Supernatural. You're surprised? Learning about BitTorrent (finally). My god, it's so fast! Can't believe I haven't gotten into this before. I was too nervous, but I think I've officially been re-instated geek status now (it was touch and go for a while) luckily I upgraded to unlimited downloads a few months ago. The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just a fucking lunatic.

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